About us

Motivation, desire and enthusiasm

Who are we?

Blue Emotion Tours is a project formed by young entrepreneurs who believe in collective work. Founded in 2017, its short existence makes it a company full of motivation, enthusiasm and illusion.

There are no hierarchies. Horizontality, flexibility and consensus characterise its way of acting. In it, every worker is heard and can express himself or herself freely.

After almost 7 years since our beginnings, we still have the same desire or even more than from the beginning, to continue to show all travellers the best of Portugal with our Free Tour Lisbon.

This company concept makes Blue Emotion Tours a unique opportunity for professional people with a passion for their work.

If you want to be part of our team, send us your cv here.

Guided tours and excursions.

What do we do?

Every day, we show people around the city with the aim of making them feel like real travellers and not just tourists.

We always strive to show the local side of the cities, getting to know places that perhaps, walking alone, one would not get to, always respecting the culture of the local population and trying to promote local development.

We offer tip-operated tours. This totally revolutionary idea puts all the power in the hands of the traveller. The quality and enjoyment of the tour is guaranteed, as the contributions to the guides depend on the degree of satisfaction of the traveller. Our whole philosophy is realised by feeling that the traveller, regardless of their budget, has enjoyed the best tour with the best quality.

Blue emotion tours por lisboa

Quality, talent and passion.

How do we do it?

We do our work with passion. That is our motto: Quality, talent and a lot of passion.

This enthusiasm, which defines Blue Emotion Tours, gets travellers excited, time-travelling, amazed by the history of the city and caught up in the anecdotes of popular culture.

In short, the perfect combination of history and entertainment.

Ready to travel?

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