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A native of Seville, Antonio is funny, sociable, friendly, curious, and quite a geek. To walk with him is to discover a Lisbon full of curiosities and corners, away from the tourists.

Graduated in History from the University of Seville, especially in Ancient History, he loves to spread History, from the most daily aspects to the most resonant events. He is a passionate reader (always with a book nearby, he does not rule out being an heir to Don Quixote), he loves art, architecture, museums (it is said that all his friends are exhausted), cinema, traveling, drawing and good eat.

He has been in the city bathed by the Tagus for two years and never ceases to marvel at its history, its culture, its people and, of course, its gastronomy. Knowing Lisbon through their eyes is seeing it from another perspective that is difficult to overcome: through its streets we will see elephants, rhinos and the riches that came from three continents, spies from the Second World War, we will experience the Great Earthquake and, above all, to the lisboetas, our protagonists.


Marina was born in Marbella 30 years ago. From a very young age she felt passionate about History and Art, so much so that when she traveled with her family, she always preferred to visit museums and get lost in them instead of visiting any other place. This love for culture, literature, music, photography, Cinema and Art, led him to complete his studies in Art History at the University of Seville and Malaga. Among his favorite artists include Caravaggio, Goya and of course, Pablo Picasso.

After finishing his studies, he decided to land in Lisbon in order to fulfill a dream, devote himself to telling the story and making it accessible to all in a close and empathic way.

If you take a tour with her, you will relive the Story in full bloom, you will even feel that you are in a thriller, since suspense and emotion are guaranteed until the last moment. In addition, it will make you a true traveler and will give you all the guidelines to enjoy Lisbon as if you were a true lisboeta.


Enrique from Valladolid, with his enthusiasm and communication skills, will make you fall in love with Lisbon as much as he is. Graduated in History from the University of Valladolid, he decides to continue with his training doing the Master’s Degree in teacher training at ESO and Baccalaureate, thus fulfilling his vocation as a teacher. After finishing his studies he sought a change of air in Lisbon as a museum guide. What was going to be a small stay, has become for Enrique now in his house.

Enrique stands out for his taste for languages, speaking English, Italian and Portuguese. Great passionate about art, theater, music, cinema, urban planning and politics, his tours are full of details that will make you discover the city from other perspectives. Sociable, communicative and close, the slopes of Lisbon will be a pleasant walk by your side.


Charismatic, smiling, adventurous and intelligent, Flor is an ‘Alicantina’ woman who will make you fall in love with Lisbon.

Degree in tourism and expert in tourism information and interpretation, defends an experiential tourism, based on emotions, quality and authenticity. Respectful with the environment and committed to the sustainable development of the city, advocates for the integration and interaction with local people.

She is in love with nature and animals. Having the sea nearby is something that hooks her to the Portuguese capital and of course to the rich culinary pleasures that are tasted in Lisbon: a good fish and seafood will not resist her.

Getting lost in the streets of Alfama, discovering corners full of magic, being seduced by the melody of Fado and enjoying the endless cultural offer that the city offers is what has brought Flor to Lisbon.

Perfect communicator, with great sense of humor and very close, a tour with her will be a mixture of fun and knowledge.


Telma is from Iceland, Kopavogur. She lived in Denmark for 4 years, then moved back to Iceland to finish their studies, took a short break to move to the Tirol Alps in Austria for a while and after that wanted to travel a bit but after one backpacking trip traveling became her life dream.

First she took a trip around latin america, then lived and worked in the Caribbean for almost a year and then went to Africa before getting stuck in Lisbon because of the brightness and colors and history of the city. Some of her main interests are travel, photography, animals, nature, hiking.


João was born in Torres Vedras, Portugal. After having lived 6 years in the Netherlands, João decided Lisbon was the place to be.

Lisbon offers so much and the love for this wonderful city brought him back where he has been able to experience a vibrant city full of history, the city he loves to share with all the travelers who decide to join his tours.

Classical music is another of his passions and you will hear him talk passionately about music and the relation it has with the capital of Portugal.


From the land of the meigas comes Elvira, a friendly, sociable, approachable, observant, perfectionist and lover of her work.

This graduate in tourism and student of cultural management is passionate about nature, history, each country and culture, and above all, people.

Since she was a child, she has always had a deep curiosity to learn, explore and discover the soul and authenticity in all its forms.

Being a guide has allowed her to exploit all these qualities and concerns to carefully transmit this sensitivity and enthusiasm to perfection, always ready to offer you the best experience while you soak up every corner, smell and taste of the city.

A tour with her is to really feel Lisbon.


Since there, he felt in love with this sunny city and with this people and when he finished his studies he decided to live in Lisbon definitely.

Grew up in Angola, land of hot weather and happy people, he lived there till I was 18 years old, the time when he moved to Lisbon to do his studies in Architecture.

Since there, he felt in love with this sunny city and with this people and when he finished his studies he decided to live in Lisbon definitely.

Living in Lisbon for 14 years he stills enchanted by this city and its magical atmosphere, its like a spell and it’s this enchantment, this spell he loves to share with the travelers.

Passionate by architecture, history, art and music he loves to communicate and interact with people and discover new places, always with a big smile and his great sence of humor.


This woman was born to make you feel that the history of the whole world belongs to you.

She was born in Chile, but as soon as she could she left the south to live between Mexico and Spain, and has dedicated herself to travelling the planet collecting stories that she loves to share through theatre, writing, classes, humour, and of course: guided tours. She is a theatre director and voice actress, with a degree in literature, a master’s degree in arts, in cultural management, and also in social innovation. As she never tires of learning, she combines tours with further studies.

She is convinced that tourism can be a powerful tool for peace (because what is loved is cared for), and an entertaining way to better understand our own history. She herself never tires of travelling, discovering new places and returning again and again to those that have become part of her heart. That is how she fell in love with this country decades ago and decided that one day she was going to be its Celestina.

If you take the tour with Natalia, Lisbon will leave you sighing just like she did.

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