Terms and Conditions

Free Tour

The FREE TOUR is structured for the enjoyment of both individual and group travelers. The tours work based on tips, and there is no entry fee to access the guided tour. Although it is not necessary to reserve a place for individual travelers, we recommend doing so. In this way we assure you the service.

It is essential to book in advance if you travel in a group, especially if the group is larger than 10 people. Blue Emotion Tours offers this service whenever the number of visitors willing to make the tour is 4 or more people. If you do not book through the web or any of the platforms with which we work, you can access the tour by presenting yourself at the meeting point at the indicated time. Look for the blue umbrella.

Payment tours

The PAYMENT TOURS are visits in which the price is established. Your ticket and booking confirmation will be sent automatically by email when your order has been completed satisfactorily. If you do not receive this email for any reason, we ask you to contact us, as it could be that your order has not been processed satisfactorily. Please check your unwanted or spam folder before contacting us.

You must print your reservation voucher or have it ready to show on your mobile phone or tablet, and present it before the start of the tour. If you don’t have access to a mobile device or printer, please pay in cash at the start of the tour instead of booking online. In case you can’t prove the receipt of the online purchase of the ticket, you will have to buy it again.

Also, if you are not able to prove that you are a student (up to 25 years old) or retired (over 65 years old), you may be asked to pay the difference between the price of the reduced ticket and the regular ticket.

The tour ticket includes the guide(s), and the necessary transportation for its development. Food, drink, contingency, toilets, return transportation and anything else not specified in the tour price is not included.

Children under 14 can participate in the free tours being accompanied by an adult with a ticket.

Cancellations and returns

We work very hard to ensure that all our tours are accomplished as planned and this is a reason for success.

When a tour is canceled, and is due to BLUE EMOTION TOURS or one of the autonomous guides with whom we work, we commit to return the value of the tickets that have been purchased previously or to exchange it for the purchase of another tour as compensation.

If you can’t attend your tour and you need to cancel a tour reservation, it is recommended that you communicate it. Due to our return policy, if you cancel the tour for your own cause and under your responsibility, the ticket price will be returned in full and in cash at our meeting point 15 minutes before the departure of any of our tours. In case of not showing up at the agreed place, you accept that you lose both the guided service and the price paid for it.

We can’t be held responsible if we can not offer a tour due to cases of force majeure, (tsunamis, earthquakes, extreme weather conditions, etc.).

Right of admission

Participation in a tour of BLUE EMOTION TOURS is voluntary and both the autonomous guide and the company HORIZONTE NARRATIVO SERVIÇOS DE TURISMO LDA -BLUE EMOTION TOURS reserve the right of admission and deny participation to any person for any reason at any time.

Blue Emotion Tours and its collaborators (guides, promoters …) assume no responsibility for any injury, loss, damage or inconvenience suffered by any person who uses their services, or their property.

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