If you travel to Lisbon you’ll find with unique floor called ”calçada portuguesa”, that we can only seen in countries that portuguese is spoken.

The first time that this type of floor appeared was in Lisbon in year 1842. It was made by recluses and ordered by the military governor of Castelo de Sao Jorge , el teniente general Eusebio Pinheiro Furtado. The design used in this layout is a simple (zig-zag) but unusual for the time.

After this, new funds were granted to Eusebio Furtado for his men to pave the entire Praça do Rossio area and subsequently spread rapidly throughout the country and its colonies.

This floor is made by calceteiros, a trade learned in Lisbon at the ‘Escola de Calceteiros’. Today there are fewer calceteiros than in the past, as there are not as many stretches of Lisbon to pave.

The system of joining the limestone stones (Diaclasas) together with the help of a hammer, to make small adjustments to the stones and the use of stencils to mark the different coloured areas, so that the motifs are repeated in linear sequence or in the two dimensions of the plane.


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