Music and Lisbon

If you are spending a few days in Lisbon and you like to enjoy good live music, this post is made for you.


To mark the 25th anniversary of its activity, the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra (OSP) is holding four major concerts as part of a packed programme of open-air musical events, right in front of the National Theatre of Sao Carlos.




In addition to these concerts, the month of July is packed with performances by different groups and orchestras. Classical music concerts, jazz bands and ballet performances are scheduled from 21:30 until 28 July. In addition to the “live” factor, there are two other very important factors: it is open air and totally free, they are all held in the same square where the theatre is located. Here is a link to more information:


Finally, the Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos is very close to Barrio Alto, one of the best neighbourhoods in the city to go out for a drink in the evening, so once the concert is over you can come and extend the night a little bit more (if you have done the Free tour with us, all this will sound familiar to you?)


So now you know, if you like to enjoy good live music and you didn’t have a plan for the nights you are going to spend in Lisbon… you have found it!

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