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Lisbon is known as the city of the 7 hills, and the best way to get to know it and get lost in its streets is on foot. From Blue Emotion Tours we assure you that it will be the most interesting way, accompanied by a guide, to get to know all the details and corners of this city. Moreover, you’ll avoid wandering around for hours without knowing what you’re looking at.

However, to make the most of these tours we want to give you practical tips and recommendations so that our excursions become the best option during your trip:

Choose comfortable clothing and footwear

As these are guided walking tours, we must take into account that we will have to move around considerably, and climb some hills, sometimes under bad weather conditions (cold, heat,…). We recommend that you do not wear new clothes or shoes, as they can be punishing, causing chafing and discomfort. We advise you to leave your high heels or blazer for the fado shows and wear casual and comfortable clothes, you will be grateful and you will enjoy the visit much more!

Climate and weather

This is very important! Depending on the time of the year you decide to travel to our city, you should equip yourself accordingly. Especially in the summer months it is essential that you carry sunscreen and a hat. The sun can play a trick on you, and we don’t want you to gamble with your health! We recommend that you avoid sunburn and sunstroke by protecting yourself properly. If you decide to come in the colder months, bring suitable clothing.

Hydrate well.

Hydration is extremely important whenever you do physical exercise (no matter how light). Regardless of the ambient temperature, carry a bottle of water or an isotonic drink with you at all times to keep you hydrated, not just when you feel the need.

Joy, camera…and batteries!

Attitude is everything if you want to enjoy your trip. Take life with joy, show us your best smile… Besides, what you are going to visit is sure to be unforgettable, and we are sure you will want to immortalise it! So take a camera with you to bring out your artistic side. We assure you that Lisbon has a lot to offer! If you are a photography enthusiast, we recommend that you carry a second, fully-charged spare battery in case you run out of battery power in the excitement of photographing everything you see.

Respect the city where you travel and the places you visit

Every city in the world deserves respect and civility, so let’s be aware and polite to them. Not only when we conduct guided tours, but at all times. It is our duty to keep the streets clean and to make those monuments and places that have seen so many people pass by and have amazed thousands of people over the centuries shine. Take care and respect the places you go and show that you are an excellent traveller!

Be careful with your belongings

Keep your money in a safe place and pay attention to your belongings. You know the saying: Where there are tourists, there are pickpockets! But don’t panic, this happens in practically all European tourist cities, and Lisbon is still quite safe.

Reduced mobility

With great regret and due to the orographic conditions of Lisbon, the tours are not adapted for people with reduced mobility. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Be kind to your guide.

The person who is guiding you is someone who loves the city, and who is passionate about their work. I’m sure he appreciates very much that you thank him for his work, and that you recommend us to your friends and family.

Enjoy your journey!

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