6 tips for packing a professional traveller’s luggage

There are two types of people: those who love packing their suitcase because it means they are starting their holiday and those for whom it is a big challenge. If you are one of the latter and are looking for a bit of inspiration to make the challenge more enjoyable, here are a few tips on how to fit everything in and not get anything wrinkled or dirty.


  1. Roll your clothes before packing them in your suitcase or vacuum pack them to save space and make sure they don’t get creased.

1 roll up clothes

2. Put your shoes inside shower caps so they don’t get dirty. If you don’t have caps, you can also roll them in cling film.

2 shoes in caps

3.Use the inside of shoes and socks to store more things.


4. To avoid leaks inside the suitcase, place a balloon on bottles containing liquids.


5.If you don’t want the necklaces to get tangled on the way, use a straw: tuck the chain inside or hair rollers: wrap them around the necklace.

Straw trick

6. To avoid spending hours untangling cables, use your glasses cases to store them.

cables inside glasses

If you already know them, you are a traveller to be admired. 😉

Let us know in the comments which ones you use!!!

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