How to prepare your luggage with TAP Portugal

Are you thinking of coming to Portugal and don’t know which company to travel with? We recommend TAP Portugal, the airline low cost national leader, of which we are going to give you some tips to prepare your luggage.

1 tap portugal

  1. Hand luggage

If you are travelling with only one carry-on bag, you can take it on board the plane as with most airlines, as long as its size is a maximum of 115cm in total: 55cm+40cm+20cm.

If you are travelling in economy class, TAP allows a suitcase of up to 8 kg and a second bag such as a laptop case or a small handbag: 40 cm × 30 cm × 10 cm.

On the other hand, if you are travelling in business class, you may take two pieces of baggage with a total weight of 16kg.

  1. Checked baggage

For those of you who are going to check in your luggage, you must know that TAP allows one free checked bag provided it does not exceed 23kg for economy class and 32kg for business classand its dimensions do not exceed 158cm in both cases (total height, length and depth). For security reasons the airline does not carry baggage weighing more than 32 kg.

The amount of baggage you can check in depends on your destination, we leave you here the link to the page where you can check it:

2 TAP PORTUGAL hand luggage

If you need help preparing your suitcase, check out our previous post, where we give you some tips to make it faster, have more space and avoid surprises. ?

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