Cabo da Roca: “onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa”

It is the westernmost point of continental Europe. Its cliffs were considered the end of the world until the end of the 14th century. Yes, we are talking about Cabo da Roca, a wild and rugged cape, the charm of which is intensified by the desolate and spectacular landscape of gigantic cliffs.

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No entrance or parking fees. There you will only find a lighthouse, the first one built as such in Portugal and completed in 1772, but its current form originates from 1842; a café and a gift shop, where you can buy an original gift: a personalised, handwritten certificate confirming that you have visited the site (the basic certificate costs €5.60, and the more elaborate certificate sells for €11.00). There are also coastal routes to observe different views, although the strong wind that always blows often makes it difficult to do so. The best time to visit Cabo da Roca is undoubtedly at sunset, which you can enjoy if you come with your own means of transport, as the bus service is very limited.

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praia da ursaNext to it you will also find the access to Praia da Ursa: one of the most impressive cliff beaches in Portugal. It can be reached by a dirt road, followed by a winding, bumpy track that eventually ends at this quiet, little-visited sandy beach.

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How can you get there? Easy: Cabo da Roca is 18km west of Sintra, 15km north of Cascais and 40km west of Lisbon. The easiest and most convenient means of transport is to hire a car, the route from Cascais (and Lisbon) follows the scenic N247 and part of the village of Azóia. The route is well signposted and is about 2.5km past the village.

how to get there?

Travelling to Cabo da Roca by public transport is also quite easy and affordable, as the bus stop is on the main bus route from Cascais to Sintra (bus number 403) and a single ticket costs €4.05. This bus departs from Cascais terminal (20 minutes to Cabo da Roca) and Sintra station (35 minutes to Cabo da Roca). Before boarding, make sure you stop at Cabo da Roca, as not all buses on line 403 do. There is an hourly service in both directions between 09:00 and 17:00, but timetables are not regular during the day, so check before you leave.

It is also possible to hire taxis from Cascais, the journey takes about 30 minutes and costs €35.

So if you are visiting here, we recommend it 100%.


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